London Story | Raquel + Daniel

March 20, 2019

I’m following up Raquel and Daniel’s story. They got married 5 years ago and I had the honour to be their wedding photographer. They lived in London for 11 years and now they are coming back to Portugal.

In October I went to London to document a little bit of their lives there, the walks, the friends, the restaurants, the pubs, the parties…

Well, it was a great weekend!

The all idea was for them to have a visual memory and a feeling of their life in this amazing city.

Next Chapter, Porto!


i have known Raquel and Daniel back in the days when Daniel had a room with bunnies wallpaper near hackney wick and Raquel was living in a shop’s basement in Clarence rd. they were already in love and part of eachother’s life as 2 shells of an oyester! Been to the house warming parties, to the club nights with Raquel and the film sessions with Daniel, been to the wedding and the brunchs over hangover rainy days or splashes of sun along the canal with a negroni or a oatmilk flat white.
We cried and we hugged, we have been there for eachother in this city of long grey and cold days, we drunk in London fields until the sun went down in hot summer days (they do exist) and had pizza at globe when that was the only option in Hackney.
I miss them dearly and my life in London changed with their departure to this new chapter in their lifes and I can only be happy as a bunny to see this images and remember those amazing days that we shared.
Amazing pictures of an amazing story!

Wow. Wow. Wow!!!! Stunning photos. What a beautiful, memorable way to close a chapter and move on to a new one.
Very classy.


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