Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Pedro.

I'm a wedding and family photographer.

Inspired by the mashup of places, culture and people.

We Are No More Then Living Memories.

I am a husband, a proud father of two beautiful girls and a photographer by passion.

More than just a simple storyteller I want to document life as it is, creating a visual heritage and timeless memories for future generations.

What I love in photography is having the ability to tell a story introducing my own emotional view.

I'm a wedding photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

I simply love how a photograph can capture a moment, the atmosphere, an emotion, a long and lasting memory.

My pictures will tell your story, and your wedding is about you and how you want your story to be told.

My main goal is to naturally document and capture your story in a creative way, not just the key moments, but all the little moments in between that will allow me to build your narrative.

We are here.

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