Maria e Laura / 2013 – 2019 April 24, 2020 / featured stories OPEN POST Chizavane, Mozambique Destination Wedding / Soraya + Ricardo April 3, 2020 / featured weddings OPEN POST Grand Hyatt Goa Destination Wedding / Janhavi + Charles February 29, 2020 / weddings   OPEN POST Goa, India January 15, 2020 / between weddings Life presents us with opportunities that one can´t refuse. I was in Goa, India for work ( more about that later ) and I was able to spend 3 days wandering and mingling with the life around me.   OPEN POST My Vintage Wedding Portugal – The Quinta / kseniya + Xando November 11, 2019 / featured weddings “Oh my gosh… THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! 🤩 These photos are so amazing!!! We love them ALL. I have no words to describe how happy we are you were the one to photograph our special day. You are so talented. Every photo tells a story. Wow, just WOW! Everyone who looked at our photos […] OPEN POST Azores Wedding / Sandra + Rui October 28, 2019 / weddings Açores, terra especial, de uma simplicidade exuberante, cores vivas e abundantes. Ter o privilégio de trabalhar nestas ilhas, é sempre uma revigorante aventura. Mergulhar no silêncio, sentir a frescura dos elementos, deixar fluir e… Respirar. A Sandra e o Rui, casal natural dos Açores, decidiu marcar a sua união, fazer uma cerimónia íntima, cheia de […] OPEN POST Ola + Piotr / Wedding October 10, 2019 / weddings   OPEN POST Areias do Seixo Destination Wedding / Fuji and Tobi August 30, 2019 / weddings       OPEN POST Montes Claros Destination Wedding / Monica + Noah July 23, 2019 / destination wedding OPEN POST Poonam + Lakshan / Lisbon Story July 1, 2019 / engagement Laughter, dancing and pastéis de nata … last year I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with these two fantastic people in one of my favorite places in Lisbon.   OPEN POST Palácio do Freixo Destination Wedding / Emma + Jarryn June 5, 2019 / weddings     OPEN POST Raquel + Daniel / London Story March 20, 2019 / between weddings I’m following up Raquel and Daniel’s story. They got married 5 years ago and I had the honour to be their wedding photographer. They lived in London for 11 years and now they are coming back to Portugal. In October I went to London to document a little bit of their lives there, the walks, […] OPEN POST Penha Longa Destination Wedding / Poonam + Lakshan March 13, 2019 / featured weddings   “Omgggg! Pedro, these photos are amazing!!!!!!! I’m speechless Lakshan & I finally sat down w/ a couple glasses of port – and wow, just wow! So many emotions and wonderful memories  We can’t thank you enough” Poonam and Lakshan   OPEN POST Quinta de Sant’Ana Destination Wedding / Sara and Amar February 14, 2019 / featured weddings         OPEN POST Manifesto – About being a photographer at a wedding February 6, 2019 / featured weddings I believe a photographer becomes a real photographer when he starts speaking from the heart as well as the mind, having the ability to tell a story introducing his own emotional view. The approach of a documentary photographer at a wedding will allow to show real and genuine moments. It’s not about faking that special […] OPEN POST This Is Reportage Top 30 Photographers of the Year 2018 December 13, 2018 / featured weddings A great honor to had won two more Reportage Awards and one Story Award in the latest This Is Reportage collection. I am also really happy to become #3 in This Is Reportage Top 30 Photographers of the Year 2018! with 7 Awards in 2018,  5 Reportage Awards and 2 Story Awards. Congratulations to all the photographers […] OPEN POST Areias do Seixo Destination Wedding / Siham and Manhal November 19, 2018 / destination wedding “Thank you so much for these fantastic images! You truly do capture moments.. we just relived one of the best days of our lives.” Siham and Manhal   OPEN POST My Vintage Wedding Portugal – The Quinta / Natasha and Jack October 16, 2018 / featured weddings   “These photos are truly stunning and everything we hoped for. You exceeded all our expectations and for that we will always be thankful.” Jack & Tasha   OPEN POST Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira Wedding / Sandy and Jon September 11, 2018 / weddings   “THESE ARE AMAZING! Thank you so, so much for capturing our wedding day with creativity, energy, humor and beauty. “ Sandy and Jon             OPEN POST São Lourenço do Barrocal Wedding / Kirsten and Jonathan July 17, 2018 / weddings   OPEN POST
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