Goa, India January 15, 2020 / between weddings Life presents us with opportunities that one can´t refuse. I was in Goa, India for work ( more about that later ) and I was able to spend 3 days wandering and mingling with the life around me.   OPEN POST Raquel + Daniel / London Story March 20, 2019 / between weddings I’m following up Raquel and Daniel’s story. They got married 5 years ago and I had the honour to be their wedding photographer. They lived in London for 11 years and now they are coming back to Portugal. In October I went to London to document a little bit of their lives there, the walks, […] OPEN POST Mónica + Pedro / Family Story June 22, 2018 / between weddings This is a story with almost 4 years old. This is the story of Mónica, Pedro, Francisco, Maria and Sebastião. What drives me is having the privilege of telling people’s stories in a direct and genuine way, documenting life as it is and be able to create a visual heritage for future generations. For me, […] OPEN POST Cláudia + André / vilelaWS June 6, 2018 / between weddings Just a few pictures from the workshop we did last April.  Cláudia and André, who are great wedding photographers, and also make incredible fine art prints, accepted to be in front of the cameras for a few moments. You can also watch the video here. OPEN POST Vilelas in Azores May 9, 2018 / personal After our vilelaWS at the beginning of April, we spend 3 weeks traveling as a family to the Azores Islands. We started our journey in Faial, then Pico and São Miguel. We always wanted to go there. It was a great experience for us, travel with our 4 years old daughters. OPEN POST Alfama Elopement April 5, 2017 / between weddings OPEN POST Mozambique and South Africa ( Kruger ) December 26, 2016 / personal OPEN POST Fearless conference 2015, Bucharest, Romania May 19, 2015 / between weddings Using words to describe something is always very difficult for me. Its more easy through photography, hoping that my work speaks for itself. The same happen here, when i was choosing the pictures for this blog post, about the incredible days in Bucharest, Romania this last March for the fearless conference and the masterclass with Ben and […] OPEN POST Private party in Luanda April 21, 2015 / between weddings OPEN POST Fearless Conference 2014, Amsterdam April 9, 2014 / between weddings Last week  me and my good friends of Lounge Fotografia spend a great time at The Fearless Conference. This is perhaps the most amazing conference in Europe for wedding photographers. It is fun and educational, is all about finding your inner voice, finding you as a photographer and try making things personal, it´s being stubborn, brave, audacious, courageous, […] OPEN POST