I believe weddings should be more about the celebration and let life happen naturally in front of the cameras. There are plenty of expected moments during a wedding, but the few unexpected ones, that are way more real and unique, will perfectly express what happened on that day, what it felt like, and the stories behind each person.

More than just simple storytelling, I believe a photographer should create a visual heritage and timeless memories for future generations.

As a photographer, I will do everything to adapt to all the contexts and understand all the subjects that I will photograph, their general context and naturally document and capture the story in a creative way.

I believe a photographer becomes a real photographer when he starts speaking from the heart as well as the mind, having the ability to tell a story introducing his own emotional view.

The approach of a documentary photographer at a wedding will allow to show real and genuine moments. It’s not about faking that special moment with forced poses or just another typical pretty dress hanging on the door.

It ‘s about people.

It’s about family.

It’s about friends having fun.

It’s about the first time the couple sees each other.

It’s about the raw emotions of your loved ones, the mother’s tears and the proud face of a father walking his daughter down.

It's about the aisle eagerness.

It’s about what that day really felt like, from the inside.

It’s just about… letting it be!

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